Free Retouch Panels

For Adobe Photoshop


Common Functions

Basic operations
  • ● Image conversion functions:
  • - RGB
  • - CMYK
  • ● Image and work area resizing functions:
  • - Image Size
  • - Canvas Size
  • - Transform (free transform)
  • ● Sh/Highl - shadow/highlights balance
  • ● Liquify
  • ● Export photos for Instagram in one click:
  • - Insta 1×1
  • - Insta 4×5
  • - Insta Stories
  • ● For Web - export files for web resources
  • ● Sv&Cls button - saves and closes the current document
  • ● Save As button
  • ● Main brush-tools
  • ● Easy creation of new layers
  • ● Merge visible layers
Extra features
  • ● Direct access to the video course from the panel
  • ● Support - access to the support service
You don't need to have any retouching skills.
With this video course you can start from scratch.

Free Retouching
Video Course

About Free Retouch series

Effective photo retouching plugins

Hello, everyone!

We wanted to develop the best free plugin for retouchers for so long and we want you to join us in order to do it all together!

The free plugin format implies limited functionality. We cannot release a free plugin with full functionality, as it would be dumping and disrespecting for the developers of paid plugins who had invested time and effort in creating their products.

In the meantime, let's define with you the optimal feature set for a free compact retouching plug-in.

To this end, we have created Free Retouch series - a series of free retouching plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop with variable functionality.

Please use and share these plug-ins. They are all free to use and free to distribute in any way that is convenient for you. Even if you just sent your friends a downloaded archive or a link to our site where they could download plugins, it would be great!

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Be sure to write to us at and share your experience using plugins from Free Retouch series, and also write your wishes regarding the functionality of the free retouching plugin for Adobe Photoshop that you wanted would have.

Based on your feedback, we will make the perfect free plugin and all interested retouchers will have the opportunity to use it for free!

Free Retouch Series plugins are free on the Adobe Exchange and On many other sites there is no possibility of free placement of plugins, and on such sites we have to place these plugins at the lowest possible price allowed by the site. We do this in order to expand the audience of users of these plugins, and we hope that they are sympathetic to this and regard such a purchase as a donation.

Kind regards,
Kuafara team